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How to Increase my laptop speed for Windows 10 | Rithi Rish K

 How to speed up my laptop Windows 10

How to speed up my laptop Windows 10

·       Windows Update

·       Check the hardware drivers

·       Check Internet Security

·       Check the internet speed

·       Application

·       Storage

·         RAM




Your laptop is running slow. List of technical tips for speeding up a laptop running Windows 10, you do not need to do them all, what works for you depends on minimizing your laptop.


All you need is here


  • Your laptop with Windows 10
  • Sample numbers for your laptop or the hardware you added
  • Reliable cybersecurity software

First - Windows Update

Make sure Windows 10 is up to date New features can sometimes help with performance. Starts and then click Settings, find Update and Security in the menu, and then click Check for Windows Updates.

Second - Check the hardware drivers

Windows 10 It's a good idea to make sure you have the pieces of software that allow Windows 10 to talk to external devices, such as the video card and printers inside your laptop. 

The list we have created by the sites of famous technology companies If you find the brand of your laptop and click on their site, 

you can find updates there You may need other things that you have added such as model numbers for your laptop or printer.

Third - Check Internet Security

We will open and scan your cybersecurity software for viruses or malware, which is a good thing to do every month, and double-check that your software is up-to-date so you are protected from new viruses.

Fourth - Check the internet speed

Check your internet speed, especially if websites take a long time to load streaming video buffers frequently or online games lag behind, check out our internet speed check as soon as you run the test look at upload and download speed. 

It explains the download speed you need to keep track of all the things in your network, consider your laptop TVs where you stream video and the speakers you use to stream music if you think you need more speed than you get the call. 

Your Internet Provider's Hot Tip When we talk about internet speed, if your router is three or more years old, your router slows down your Wi-Fi, consider upgrading to newer routers It is better to be able to handle the latest technology and faster internet speeds

Fifth - Applications

Back to Laptop Get rid of programs you no longer use Start menu Here How to Go to Selected Settings, then a list of all the apps and drivers that you have installed will pop up and sort them after installation Highlight the programs you do not need by clicking Uninstall by clicking Uninstall

Sixth - storage

A full hard drive can sometimes crash a laptop, so make sure your storage is under control Go back to start the storage feeling, and then if you want the settings and storage to set this button, you do not need the computer files that are scheduled to be automatically deleted by windows, none of those things If that doesn't work then don't worry about your novel being safe

Seventh - RAM

It's time to upgrade the hardware on your laptop, it's time to help you get the data you need quickly into your laptop or add a large hard drive. Hope that helps speed up.

How to speed up my laptop Windows 10

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